Escape from the daily urban life to a
beautiful and healing journey and
re-connect with the innermost of you

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Health • Purity • Strength

Urban Vinyasa is a unique place to discover our passions and connect with our soul.

A place…

…removed from the daily demands of today’s life.

…where you can meditate at the sunrise and sunset with the sea as a backdrop.

…where you can connect with your body through the practice of asanas.

…where conscious eating enhances that feeling of well-being.

…where peace, tranquility and harmony of spaces allow us to find our creativity and translate it into painting, writing or playing music.

…to encounter our essence, our best self.

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Start each day practicing yoga and meditation surrounded by the sea breeze and the ocean’s blue colors.

In our exquisite worldwide yoga retreat houses, you will nourish your soul with our relaxing therapies while resetting your body with the best healthy cuisine. Rest easy, we have taken care of every single detail.

Enjoy revitalizing your body, mind, and soul, while learning how to maintain the right habits to achieve happiness each day.


Yoga lovers who will provide you the best treatment in our paradise-like destinations.